Dr Lisa Timms

Still point Osteopathy is excited to welcome Dr Lisa Timms to our clinic

Dr Lisa Timms


Lisa is considered to be an all-rounder in practice as she is committed to treat patients from all walks of life. Having being in the field for a number of years, Lisa has worked closely with sporting teams as a head medic, in the aged care sector through some very trying COVID years and in private practise seeing children to elderly and everyone in-between.

Following her passion to pursue diversity and new challenges, Lisa has also been able to travel and work remotely around Australia. These experiences which have helped sculpt Lisa into the practitioner she is today.

In your consultation, treatment will be individually tailored to you after a thorough case history and examination. A variety of hands on techniques may be utilised which could include massage, trigger point therapy, facilitated stretching or MET, “manipulation” or HVLA, exercise rehabilitation and/or a gentler form technique referred to as craniao-sacral.

Now based at Still Post Osteopathy, Ashgrove, when Lisa isn’t in the consultation room, you’ll find her quite literally chasing waterfalls, looking for the newest camping location, buying way too much produce at the local markets, headed down to the coast for a dip in the ocean or at home with a
glass of wine, engulfed in her latest art project.


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