DVA North Brisbane

DVA North Brisbane

Welcome to Still Point Osteopathy

Still Point Osteopathy (North Brisbane) takes great pride in the DVA care we offer our veterans. Located in stunning North Lakes regions. We help manage DVA claims of all veterans of North Brisbane including neighboring suburbs such as Kallangur, Redcliffe, Warner and Bray park.What more could we do then offer the very best of our services to those who have already offered so much for us. That’s exactly what you will receive from the team at Still Point Osteopathy.

The team at Sill Point Osteopathy – North Lakes takes a holistic approach to your health, this means we work not only with you, but along side your GP, Physio, exercise physiologist or whoever else in part of your care team to maximise outcomes for you.

As osteopaths we use a wide variety of techniques to help get you moving the best we can, this can invole physical therapy exercise and stretching techniques, remedial massage, Chiropractic style adjustment techniques and many more. having such a large skill set allows us to get the most out of your treatment. Because that’s what it is, YOUR treatment.


How to get the ball rolling

Step 1 . Go talk to your local GP about a referal to Still Point Osteopathy

Step 2. once you have your referral, make an appoint by clicking the link above

Step 3. Let the rehab begin.

Step 4. We converse with your GP after 12 sessions to gauge how your progress is going.

Feel free to check out the link below to follow up through dva or get in touch with us anytime if you have any questions.

DVA fact sheet – Click to find out more