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 Welcome to Still Point Osteopathy. Ashgrove’s new Allied Health Centre. Based on Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove, our osteopaths can help treat a wide variety of musculo-skeletal aches and pains..

Whether you suffer form nerve pains, acute injuries, pregnancy related pains, headaches or more, the team at Still Point Osteopathy might be just who you’re looking for.

Our osteopath’s may assist you in managing pains and dysfunctions rooted in the musculoskeletal system and beyond. The professional team at Still Point Osteopathy helps keep the locals of Ashgrove free from a range of aches, pains and problems. To learn more, or enquire about booking an appointment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

Why Osteopathy?​

Osteopathy looks at the whole body link between different parts of the body, and how dysfunction in one can affect the overall health of the rest. Through remedial massage, stretches, counterstrain, chiropractic style joint manipulation, at-home and gym exercise rehabilitation programs and more. Osteopathy looks to get to the core of pains in non-invasive ways.

Osteopathy can help alleviate pain from a range of causes – from injuries to dysfunctions, lifestyle choices, and more.

A team of osteopaths passionate about your outcomes​

To us, nothing is better than a patient who feels their health and wellbeing is improved as a result of our work. We always make sure to take the time to understand what makes each patient’s situation unique, in order to tailor their treatment plan accordingly. This is what we call a patient-centric approach, and why we’ve become the sought-after osteopaths in Ashgrove and surrounds.

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Still Point Osteopathy (previously known as Discover Osteopathy) Ashgrove.

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