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Dr Jayden Speirs

Mst Ost Med

Jayden’s interest in Osteopathy was sparked after experiencing treatment for his own shoulder injury. The unique approach to injury treatment, rather than just managing the symptoms, made Jayden want to learn more about Osteopathy and the focus on treating the underlying cause of pain.

Jayden has a keen interest in treating the musculoskeletal complaints in any form or presentation. Jayden uses a wide range of treatment techniques such as joint mobilisation, soft tissue release, and gentle manipulation to achieve optimal results for his patients.

From the weekend warrior to competitive athletes, Jayden has been working with all levels of fitness fans and their aches, pains, twinges, and strains. With 10 years experience working in the fitness industry, Jayden has worked as a personal training instructor and osteopath, creating unique tailored programs for fitness and recovery.

Jayden has a personal passion for weight training, as well as advocating the use of exercise and osteopathy to obtain the best outcome for each of his patient’s individual goals. Jayden’s personal mantra is that staying healthy and active is the key to injury prevention and longevity.

Dr Phillip Deam

Mst Ost Med

Phillip is a family focused osteopath with a keen interest of treating people of all ages.
He prides himself on his brand of results based manual therapy and has a strong working relation with many Doctor’s in the Brisbane area.

Phil has a special interest in treating acute pain injuries including neck, back and headache but has a wide variety of techniques at his disposal allowing him to adapt to any treatment required for both chronic and acute.

With a friendly and relaxed approach to life, work and family. He prides himself on giving realistic advice for both prognosis and treatment outcomes and making sure you have the skill set by the end of treatment to help you self manage minor flare ups down the track.


Dr Mariel Hecher


Mariel Hecher is a passionate and caring Health care professional. She is trained in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Her interest varies from acute and chronic conditions to sports injury prevention and rehabilitation. Mariel also believes in patient education and patient self-management to achieve optimal results. Mariel’s treatment is evidence based with a reliance on osteopathic principles. She utilises a wide range of osteopathic techniques and exercises prescriptions during treatment. Some examples are joint manipulation (HVLA), joint mobilisation, soft tissue release, balanced ligamentous tension (BLT) and muscle energy techniques (MET). She is also qualified to treat injuries using  dry needling and cupping therapy.  Mariel’s treatment is suitable for patients of all ages, from toddlers, to sporty teens, weekend-warriors and the older aged. Mariel has a personal passion for football (she plays professionally for Brisbane Roar FC and for Lions FC during the W – league off-season), exercise and dogs. Furthermore,  she  has a  Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (Osteopathic Studies) and a Master of Osteopathic Medicine course. Mariel has also completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from UNIVAP (Bzl).

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