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Dr Phillip Deam

Bch Hth Sci, Mst Ost Med
Director Still Point Osteopathy

Phillip is a family focused osteopath with a keen interest of treating people of all ages.
He prides himself on his brand of results based manual therapy and has a strong working relation with many Doctor’s in the Brisbane area.

Phil has a special interest in treating acute pain injuries including neck, back and headache but has a wide variety of techniques at his disposal allowing him to adapt to any treatment required for both chronic and acute.

With a friendly and relaxed approach to life, work and family. He prides himself on giving realistic advice for both prognosis and treatment outcomes and making sure you have the skill set by the end of treatment to help you self manage minor flare ups down the track.

Warick Latta

Remedial Massage Therapist & Exercise Rehabilitation Consultant

Warick has been working as a soft tissue therapist and rehabilitation consultant for almost 30 years. He has travelled up and down the East Coast of Australia working with elite level athletes and football codes. Warick has worked with numerous Allied Health providers, such as Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Acupuncturists, who have all had a hand in shaping his professional philosophies and treatment style.

Warick’s treatments consist of a thorough personal assessment, with an integrated, systematic approach to wellness and improved movement capacity.

Having studied with one of the best performance groups in America, Warick uses soft tissue protocols specific to his patients’ to restore full function as quickly as possible. His approach uses a combination of corrective exercise and soft tissue therapy.

Warick enjoys assisting his patients in structuring and meeting their goals; whether it be a return to function, or an increase in performance, or even to just wind down after a period of stress.